Customize Your Styles

At Assertive Creativity, LLC, quality is priority. We take every aspect of the product into consideration including material, accessories, workmanship, packaging, and delivery time. We go the extra mile to turn out a great, quality product.

Premium Manufactures

Our many vendors produce a wide range of knit apparel, woven apparel, outerwear and accessory apparel. We offer a plethora of fabrics in countless categories and styles.

Design Crew

Our design team can help you in all steps to develop your styles. We can either work from your designs, customize from our existing styles or create new designs for your company.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to meet your specifications in all aspects of clothing and garment accessories, furnishing and all other fabric related production. We strive for nothing less than your complete satisfaction. So if you don’t see it on the site, don’t hesitate to ask and we will accommodate your needs.

Our Clients:

We do around-the-clock production for large and small orders. We service a wide range of clients which includes the advertising industry, independent designers, boutiques, clothing stores, fashion houses, and other large corporations. 

Global Services:

We service customers worldwide. We produce a wide variety of garments from various regions of the globe, including China, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and domestically.

Apparel Industry Supplier:

Many distributors choose us for your great customer service and competitive prices. Clients enjoy high mark-ups on our products from our many incentives which includes FREE Shipping on custom orders. Call us for our latest catalog and offerings.

Stock Product - Wholesale goods:

Our NYC in-house stock goods are very convenient for quick shipment in the USA from our warehouse in NYC. 

Custom Style Library - Ready to be Manufactured Goods:

These styles require little to no design work. Just order any of these items "as is" to receive our very low rates. We have many style options in various category you can choose from. These items are made from scratch and require less manufacturing steps since these goods were made in the past. This can save a few approval steps, getting your goods to production a lot quicker.

Discounts and Specials:

We run sales regularly on our custom items and stock goods. Continue to check back with us to take advantage of these INSANE discounts.

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